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Deaerator are widely used for the removal of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and volatile organics from the feedwater to steam-generating boilers.


Dissolved oxygen in boiler feedwater will cause serious corrosion damage in steam systems by attaching to the walls of metal piping and other metallic equipment and forming oxides (rust). Dissolved carbon dioxide combines with water to form carbonic acid that causes further corrosion and damage to injection systems.


When used in boiler feedwater treatment systems, they provide a cost-effective means of removing carbon dioxide between cation and anion exchange columns.


In Vacuum dessification, (process for removing dissolved gases from water) Inside  the column, liquid is sprayed onto selected packing material through fine nozzles to increase the water/gas transfer surface. The liquid flows by gravity down through packing as a vacuum is drawn on the Column.  The vacuum causes the dissolved gas to be released, and it is extracted from the system by the suction.  Sufficient packing must be present so that enough surface area between the gas and water is available to allow the gas present in the water to reach the gas interface and finally be carried out by the evacuating system.

Two stage Operation

A possible means of reducing both capital and operating costs is the use of a two-stage vacuum deaerator (I.E. two vacuum deaerator operating  in  series).  Each   vacuum  deaerator has its own evacuating system.



Forced Draft Degasifier In Series with Vacuum Deaerator Operation

When CO2, VOCc and other removal is required, a forced draft degasifier is used prior to a vacuum deaerator.   Liquid is sprayed on the packing at the top of the column and, as it travels down through the packing,  a film forms on the surface of the packing, allowing the release of entrained gases into the fan assisted counter-current air flow that passes up through the column.  A mist eliminator/demister removes droplets from the air as it exits via the vent at the top of the column.



EN-FAB Deaerator


Areas of Application

  • Removal of carbon-dioxide to increase the PH of the water and reduce anion loading of the strong base anion exchanger.


  • Removal of Oxygen to reduce corrosion or oxidation of iron and steel.


EN-FAB engineers fully skidded, packaged vacuum deaerators and forced draft degasifier equipment for Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) and other applications.

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EN-FAB Deaerator
EN-FAB Deaerator
EN-FAB Deaerator