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Crude Oil Early Production Facility

Crude Production

Location: Managesh North Kuwait


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Kuwait, Early Production Crude Facility, EN-FAB, Inc.

GC-17 Early Production Facility

Project Scope:

Design, Engineering, Fabrication and Commission


Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) contracted with EN-FAB, Inc. the design and construction of an Early Production Facility. The gathering center is designated as GC-17 and is located in North Kuwait.  EN-FAB had a Technical Service Agreement with Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) for the design engineering and supply of equipment and materials for the entire facility.


Products and Services Provided

Oil and gas separation/processing plant including all necessary facilities to produce stabilized crude oil, produced gas and water.


Crude oil storage facilities of 1,000 barrel capacity for the  two Desalter trains.


All required support and ancillary systems


Process Description

The process is a two-stage one, through two trains in parallel.  The first stage is a high pressure separator, low pressure separator, and the second stage is the crude exchanger/desalter trains.


The system is designed with two principal trains downstream of the Wet crude tanks.  Each train can be operated independently with a desalter system to control salt content of the crude oil.  The desalter may be by-passed, if necessary.


The gas from low pressure equipment is compressed by the Vapor Recovery System for entry into the flare pipeline. A suitable scrubber/knock-out drum is used compressor to separate condensible hydrocarbon gases and water from the gas stream.  The condensate is pumped into the wet crude tank for reprocessing through the system.  Gas from the HP Separator and LP Separator is also taken to flare knock out drum.


Gas from these storage tanks is taken through a separate atmospheric leader directly to flare.


Produced water is routed to a water degassing vessel to remove any trapped gas and then passed through a CPI and flotation cell to remove trapped oil.


EN-FAB, Inc. was responsible for the project on a turnkey basis. En-Fab designed, engineered, fabricated and also started-up and commissioned the entire production facility in seventeen weeks.

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Kuwait, Early Production Crude Facility, EN-FAB, Inc.
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Kuwait, Early Production Crude Facility, EN-FAB, Inc.
Kuwait, Early Production Crude Facility, EN-FAB, Inc.