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Early Production Facility, Kuwait Oil Processing


Engineering design and fabrication of equipment for onshore and offshore production facilities has been the mainstay of EN-FAB’s business. EN-FAB personnel are particularly adept in design, engineering, and construction of production equipment such as; two and three phase separators, heater-treaters, desalters, demulsifiers, glycol dehydration units, fuel gas skids, vapor recovery units, etc. Qualified service technicians are available for start-up service and commissioning. This combination of unique abilities has enabled EN-FAB, Inc. to be a leader in supplying Early Production Facilities and Systems.


An early production facility is a complete facility to produce oil and gas and dispose the produced water. This facility is usually located on land, but barge facilities are also common. The size range is usually between 5,000 to 60,000 barrels per day. All the equipment for treating the oil, gas, and water such as separators, heaters, scrubbers, power supplies, lighting, water treatment, etc. is provided as a package. The facility is usually all skid-mounted and is put in place, interconnected, and commissioned by EN-FAB, Inc.


Early production facilities are becoming very important to the oil companies due to the necessity to get a field or some part of the field on line and producing in a minimum amount of time. EN-FAB can provide a complete production facility in short time, including all the equipment to treat the oil, gas, and water, plus the equipment for power generation, lighting, control rooms and site design.


  Early Production Projects


Early Production Facility for Kuwait Oil Company


Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) contracted with En-Fab, Inc. for the design and construction of an Early Production Facility. The gathering center is designated as GC-17 and is located in North Kuwait. En-Fab additionally provided start-up and commissioning services for the facility.





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Early Production Facility, Kuwait Oil Processing
Early Production Facility, Kuwait Oil Processing
Early Production Facility, Kuwait Oil Processing