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Yucatan Peninsula Gas Pipeline


Yucatan Peninsula of  Mexico

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EN-FAB, Inc. supplied all the metering and measurement equipment to Energia Mayakan project in Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.


The Yucatan Peninsular gas pipeline  moves gas from a processing plant in the Mexican state of Tabasco to several power plants in the Yucatan Peninsula and to other customers along the pipeline. Crossing four states in the Yucatan Peninsula, this natural gas pipeline is approximately 410 miles long with a capacity of 10.4 million Cu m/day.

The system includes receipt, measurement, and control equipment at the receipt station, as well as block valves, pig launchers and receivers, cathodic protection, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), leak-detection systems, maintenance facilities, warehouse, and a control center at the first compressor station.


The custody-transfer measurement station is installed just outside the interconnection with PGPB at Ciudad Pemex.


Gas filtration, preheating, regulating, and measurement facilities are installed adjacent to the new Merida III plant, which was constructed, for both Merida III and the existing Merida II power plant.


Measurement stations were installed at Valladolid for the existing combined-cycle plant in Campeche and for one other new plant. Other new stations were connected at Lerma (Campeche), Nachicocom (Merida), and Valladolid II.


The system included launchers and receivers able to run pigs between all compressor station sites and the line terminus.


Intermediate block valves are located at approximately 20-mile intervals along the line, equipped with automatic closure capability that uses line-pressure sensing.


Measurement and control of the system uses satellite-based communication for the SCADA system, linking the receipt and delivery stations and the compressor-station information.


EnergĂ­a Mayakan holds the Clean Energy Certificate from the Mexican National Environmental Attorney.


Equipment provided:


Metering and measurement equipment with gas chromatograph


Launchers and Receivers


Direct fired heaters


Pressure reduction systems


Control and monitoring systems for five stations.


EN-FAB, Inc. also provided start-up and commissioning services for all its equipment.

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