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Natural Gas Plant for Steel Mill

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Midrex System ready for shipment

The natural gas receiving station Skid was designed and fabricated by En-Fab, Inc Houston, Texas, USA for Midrex Technologies, Inc. It consists of the following five skids:


  • Gas Filtering System  cleans gas prior to turbines compressors and other equipments
  • Natural Gas Metering Skid  comprises of two parallel streams. One stream is sized for main flow with turbine meters (one operating and one spare).
  • Natural Gas Heating Skid (Water Bath Heater Skid) Heats the gas to 71ºC. Consists of Indirect Forced Draft Gas Fired Bath Heater sized for 11.7 MMBTU/Hour, North  American Burner, Ignition Transformer, 10 HP Blower Motor and other accessories.
  • Pressure Reducing Skid used to reduce the pressure of the gas coming out of the Water Bath Heater Skid. It comprises of three parallel streams. Two streams are sized for 21,000 to 95,000 Nm³/Hour (one operating and one spare) and one stream is sized for 50 to 25,000 Nm³/Hour.
  • Start-up Gas Skid consists of immersion type Heater and used to heat up the gas up to a maximum temperature of 60ºC for using the heated gas as the fuel for the North American Burner.


Natural Gas from the receiving station is delivered to 3 locations in the plant:

  • Direct Reduction Plant
  • Melt Shop
  • Rolling Mill


Water Bath Heater Skid

Pressure Reducing Skid

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