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   Portable Well Test Unit

Trailer Mounted Portable Well Test Separator

Vertical Well Test Separator


36" ID x 4' 4" T/T   0.750" Wall

Design Pressure

500 psig at 400 deg. F


-20 deg. F at 500 psig



Accuracy At Each Injector Well


Proper evaluation of a large producing field with numerous wells requires accurate and frequent well tests. These tests allow an operator to optimize a field's performance by shutting-in wells, working them over, or stimulating them.


Conventional well testing involves gravity separation of the production stream into oil, water, and gas. This requires pumps, tanks, heaters, and pressure vessels and several hours of testing for each well.


Portable well testing equipment provides many advantages and benefits including:

Portable Test Unit, General Arrangement Drawing

Lower capital cost vs. conventional automatic well test facilities.


One portable unit can test a large number of wells more frequently, reducing the cost per well test.


Provides accurate measurement of steam quality and mass flow rate at remote field points.


Production problems can be detected quickly, preventing unnecessary workovers.


Improved model studies increase the ability to optimize recovery from thermal reservoirs.


Reduced fuel requirements by optimizing the delivery of steam.


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