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Pressure Regulating Reducing Package

Pressure Reducing/Regulating  Skids

In both gas and liquid applications, pressure reduction/regulation are required. For example in a gas distribution system the gas pressure will start in the pipeline above 1,000 psig and end up at a plant or at a residence at a pressure as low as 15 inches of water column. Pressure regulating/reducing skid are packaged stations utilized by gas pipelines.


The pressure-reduction system controls the supply pressure to the gas users at a regulated value. Each system consists of at least two trains of pressure reduction – one operating and the other standby. Each train will normally comprise two regulator valves in series.


Regulator valves should be sized for the maximum anticipated volumes at the minimum anticipated inlet pressure during those times of maximum volume. For stations serving multiple residential customers or other non-interruptible services, sufficient regulator capacity needs to be provided so the failure of one regulator valve run will not reduce the facility capacity below required demand. Regulator valves in custody transfer stations are typically of the type that fail in the open position.

Pressure Reducing Skidded Unit
Pressure Regulating Skidded Unit

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Pressure Regulating Reducing Package
Pressure Regulating Reducing Package
Pressure Regulating Reducing Package
Pressure Reducing Skidded Unit