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In-Line Strainers are recommended


In-Line Baskets

Utilized in conjunction with flow meters, pumps and compressors, basket strainers protect equipment by mechanically removing solids from liquids and other piping systems with the use of a perforated or wire mesh straining screen in a vertically oriented chamber.


EN-FAB recommends fabricated strainers to allow flexibility in meeting material and construction requirements for a variety of applications. Basket strainers have more debris holding capacity than Y strainers, and generally have less of a pressure drop, which is why they are ideal in liquid applications. The result is a quality product which provides years of dependable service.


EN-FAB strainers are provided with a variety of end connections, including threaded, flanged, and welded.  Standard screens are provided for either water, oil, gas or steam service, other screens are available on request.


In-Line Strainers are recommended for use with Turbine Meters as well as positive displacement meters.


Typical industry applications include:

  • Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Exploration and Production Facilities
  • Refining and Chemical Processing Plants
  • Food & beverage industry


Tee Strainers

EN-FAB, Inc. fabricated "Tee" type strainer are recommended where space consideration is of prime importance. They provide excellent filtration capabilities together with simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance.


  • Fabricated in accordance with the latest edition of ANSI, API and ASME
  • Designed to provide quick change of strainer baskets
  • Applications: oil and gas production, transmission and processing industries
  • Designs for bi-directional flow are also available.



Temporary, Start-Up Strainers

Temporary or Start-Up Strainers are designed for use in process systems, plants, refineries, and pipelines. This type of strainer would be installed prior to bringing the equipment  on-stream to insure that the normal debris associated with equipment installation such as pipe scale, rust, weld slag, etc. do not contaminate the product or damage the plant. Typically, these strainers are not recommended for extended service due to their light gauge construction, low cost and ease of replacement. Generally these strainers are available out of stock.



Carbon steel, 304SS, 316SS, and all alloys. Basket material is constructed from either 14 or 16 gauge material which is perforated with 1/A" diameter holes on 3/,s" centers. Mesh wire cloth is available in mesh sizes of 20 to 325 for lining.



Temporary Strainers are designed to provide maximum protection and are fabricated utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques, assuring strength and reliability of service. Pressure drop information is available upon request.

Duplex Strainers

Duplex Strainers allow for uninterrupted flow while performing normal strainer maintenance and inspection. While most characteristics and design features of the permanent in-line basket strainer are built into the Duplex Strainer,          EN-FAB recommends that these requirements be designed by our engineering staff to meat the specific  needs of the

application. Complete valving for flow control, switching and instrumentation to monitor the operation can be furnished so as to provide a complete strainer package if requested by customer .

"Y" Strainers

Designed for use where rugged design is needed Y Strainers are typically employed in high temperature service. Strainer basket removal for cleaning or inspection is simplified., by its design and also has applications where there is close proximity piping. These strainers are available in sizes to 36" and in pressure ratings of 150 lb. through 2500 lb. ANSI. End connections can be flanged or beveled for welding in line. When ordering "Y'' Strainers please include:


  • Size
  • Design Pressure & Temperature
  • Body Style
  • Product Description
  • Pipe or Body Bore
  • Face to Face Dimensions
  • Shell Material
  • Screen Material and Description


enfab inc logo
In-Line Strainers are recommended

enfab inc logo
In-Line Strainers are recommended
In-Line Strainers are recommended