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Waterflood Packages

waterflooding  is the practice of pumping (injecting) water into selected wells in an oil field, in order to sweep remaining oil from the rock formation and push it towards producing wells were it can be pumped to the surface.

Waterflooding is typically (but not always) initiated some time after a field has been significantly depleted under the primary production phase. Water for this type of Enhanced Oil Recovery must be treated before and after use. This package could include any or all of the waterflood products built by EN-FAB, Inc.


EN-FAB, Inc. has been in the Steam Flood business for over thirty years, and has designed and fabricated water treatment equipment using river, water, sea, produced, and well water for high pressure steam generators. It was a logical step to move into the water flood business where similar equipment is also used.

Waterflood Package, EOR, Enhanced Oil Recovery

Seawater Water Feed Typically such a system will consist of a Coarse Filter (to remove debris), a Deep Bed Multimedia Filter (to remove suspended solids), Disposable Cartridge Filters (to remove particles above a certain micron size e.g. 1-2 microns), a Vacuum Tower (to remove dissolved gases, particularly oxygen), Chemical feeds, such as polyelectrolytes for coagulation (for the filters), chlorine to kill bugs etc. in the water, scale inhibitor to prevent scaling, corrosion inhibitor to prevent corrosion, etc.


Produced Water Feed Generally the system will consist of Separators, (to remove the bulk of suspended solids), Gas Flotation units (to remove oil to an acceptable level for filtration), Multimedia Filters (to remove remaining suspended solids to about 2 ppm), Cartridge Filters (to remove particles larger than 2 microns), Vacuum Towers to remove dissolved gases, particularly oxygen), Chemical Feeds, etc.


River Water Feed  This system generally consists of a Clarifier, Multimedia Filter, Cartridge Filters for removing particles 2 microns and larger, Chemical Feeds, etc. EN-FAB, Inc. engineering staff is capable to design the entire water flood system from the customer specifications.


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Waterflood Package, EOR, Enhanced Oil Recovery
Waterflood Package, EOR, Enhanced Oil Recovery
Waterflood Package, EOR, Enhanced Oil Recovery